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What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic Drainage helps the body with detoxification, causing a significant improvement in the power and function of the immune system. It is suggested that a lymph drainage sessions should be incorporated with full-body therapeutic massage routine as an immunization builder against the flu virus and other infections. Immunizations sometimes do not protect people from contracting the flu, for example. A consistent detoxification program has proven very effective in protecting humans from infections.

Lymph is an extracellular fluid that enters the lymphatic vessels and is mixed with cellular elements. The lymphatic system processes the passage of large proteins and other metabolic waste products. When the lymphatic sacs are filled, lymph enters the lymphatic vessels. The walls of lymphatic vessels contain valves, directing the flow of lymph one way only (toward the heart). Along the path of the lymphatic vessels are lymphatic nodes. When the fluid reaches these nodes, infections, alien proteins, and other foreign materials are destroyed. The drained lymph then continues its flow. When the lymph system is weak or overwhelmed, the fluid can get stagnant and that's where a Lymphatic Drainage session can help. The lymph system is given a little "push" to get the work done.

Please note: There are therapists that are certified and specialize in Lymphatic Drainage. They often work in a hospital, doctor's office or cosmetic surgeon's office. They may use machines in addition to manual touch. They are trained to work on clients with Lymphedema often caused by surgical procedures. Some post-surgery patients have drainage ports where excess fluids are expelled during Lymphatic Drainage, requiring a medical environment set up to handle this process. My Lymphatic Drainage sessions are done in a spa-like setting and designed for improvement of immunity, overall health and for eliminating light swelling. If you have had surgery, please talk to your doctor about specific Lymphatic work to be done.

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