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Massage and Bodywork Techniques

Therapeutic Massage

You may wonder how Therapeutic Massage differs from Swedish Massage. A Swedish Massage is what most people think of as a massage with the focus being on relaxation. A Therapeutic Massage, while often times relaxing, focuses on relieving specific pains and discomforts that you are experiencing. This is a full body massage session.

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Within my Therapeutic Massage session I will work using a variety techniques – from energetic, light touch to deeper, more engaging modalities – based on what I feel will be the most affective for your issues and also your comfort level. Therefore, your input is essential to help me help you achieve your goals.

Please Note: In addition to Therapeutic Massage, I also provide these specific treatments:

Head, Neck and Shoulders (helps with TMJ Dysfunction,*  Sinus issues, Headaches and more)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Reiki Therapy

*TMJ Massage

BioMat Infrared Session
for a special article about FarInfrared heat especially with the Biomat go to:


I also provide Chair Massage for those who only have a short period of time or want to focus mostly on neck and shoulders. If you are interested in arranging chair massages at your office or special event, please contact me directly at 248-302-5796

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